What’s a Millennial?

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millennial aheadA millennial is defined as a person that reached young adulthood around 2000 but an age range alone is not what defines them.

Businesses run by older generations are perplexed by their attitude towards work and life in general. They’re struggling to figure out what makes them tick and it’s a hot topic in business lately.

Unlike previous generations that rarely switched jobs and were relatively low maintenance, the promise of a paycheck alone is not enough to motivate millennials. In fact, even high pay won’t keep them motivated for long.

Self actualization is of paramount importance to them. Millennials have a drive to make a difference in the world, they want their lives to matter and enter the working world with high expectations that their job will fulfill these high order needs. Most businesses are not geared to meet these needs which leaves them feeling disillusioned with work and demotivated.

The road ahead may seem challenging for businesses and millennial employees but I’d venture to guess that we’ve reached a pivotal point in our history. The millennial generation armed with a deep desire to make a difference will be the generation that will get the ball rolling to fix many issues inadvertently caused by previous generations.

We hope that you’ll join us on this journey in unraveling the mystery of the millennial generation and how to harness their passion to make a difference.

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